The process for revising the NEC is very comprehensive. The process begins, continues, and ends
with involvement from the public, particularly from those who use or enforce the NEC.

For each Code cycle, the NFPA solicits proposals to make a change in the current NEC from anyone
interested in electrical safety. Anyone may submit a proposal to change the NEC, using the proposal form found in the back of the NEC.

Proposal and Comment forms are also available for download on NFPA’s Web site (www.nfpa.org) as well as on the Web sites of several organizations that are involved in the NEC process. Proposals received are then assigned to a specific Code-Making Panel (CMP) for action.

The Code-Making Panel can take one of the following actions: accept, reject, accept in part, accept in principle, or accept in principle in part. These actions are published in the Report on Proposals (ROP).

This document is available at no cost from NFPA in book form and can be downloaded from NFPA’s Web
site. More than 5000 proposals were submitted for the 2011 NEC.

The next phase in the process is the comment stage. After review of the Code-Making Panel’s actions at the ROP meeting, individuals may send in their comments on the proposal actions using the Comment Form found in the ROP.

Slightly more than 2900 comments were submitted for the 2011 NEC. The CMP meets again to review and take action on the comments received. These actions are published in the Report on Comments (ROC). Like
the Report on Proposals, the ROC is available in printed form or electronically by downloading from NFPA’s Web site.

The next step in the process is the final action (voting) on proposals and comments taken at the NFPA Annual Meeting. After the Annual Meeting voting, should there be disagreement on the actions, there still is an opportunity for Appeals that are considered by the NFPA Standards Council, and/or Petitions that are considered by the NFPA Board of Directors. After all of the final decisions are made, the National Electrical Code is published.

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