Safety is a full-time business and requires the hard work and full cooperation of every meter employee. Safety procedures are measures which, if followed, will enable personnel to work without injury to themselves or others and without damage to property.

Simply issuing safety procedures or rules does not guarantee safe work practices or produce good safety records. Meter employees must learn the safety rules of their company, apply them daily, and become safety-minded.

Meter personnel owe it to themselves, their families, and their company to do each step of every job the safe way. Careful planning of every job is essential. Nothing should be taken for granted. The meter employee must take responsibility for his/her own safety.

Constant awareness of safety, coupled with training, experience, and knowledge of what to do and how to do it, will prevent most accidents.

Every meter employee’s attention is directed to the following general suggestions, which are almost without exception incorporated in company safety rules:

• Horseplay and practical jokes are dangerous. Work safely, consider each act, and do nothing to cause an accident.

• Knowledge of safe practices and methods, first aid, and CPR is a must for meter personnel.

• Beware of your surroundings and alert to unsafe conditions.

• Report unsafe conditions or defective equipment to your immediate supervisor without delay.

• Have injuries treated immediately.

• Report all accidents as prescribed by company safety rules.

• Do a job hazard analysis when appropriate before beginning a job. Re-assess

when something unexpected happens during the job.

• Exercise general care and orderliness in performance of work.

• The right way is the safe way. Do not take short cuts.

• Study the job! Plan ahead! Prevent accidents!

• Select the right tools for the job and use them properly.

• Keep tools in good working order.

• Use personal protective equipment when appropriate.

• Exercise good housekeeping at all times.

• Handle material with care. Lift and carry properly.

• Respect secondary voltage. It can be fatal.

• Never substitute assumptions for facts.

• The importance of working safely cannot be over-emphasized. Safety pays dividends in happiness to meter personnel and their families.

• Remember, there is no job so important that it cannot be done in a safe manner.

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