This checklist provides an assessment of the minimum requirements needed to safely operate and maintain electric power systems. Below is a sample provided in IIEE STD 902-1998. You may modify it to suit your needs.

One-line diagram exists. Yes _____ No _____

One-line diagram is legible. Yes _____ No _____

One-line diagram is correct. Yes _____ No _____

All persons who operate the power system have easy access to the current one-line diagram.
Yes _____ No _____

Equipment is labeled correctly, legibly, and in accordance with the one-line diagram.
Yes _____ No _____

Persons who operate/maintain electrical equipment are trained for the voltage-class equipment they operate/maintain. Yes _____ No _____

De-energized procedures and equipment exist and are used. Yes _____ No _____

Energized work procedures exist and are followed. Yes _____ No _____

Equipment is grounded. Yes _____ No _____

Ground system is tested periodically. Yes _____ No _____

Electrical equipment is free from corrosion. Yes _____ No _____

Proper maintenance practices are followed, especially for fault protection equipment.
Yes _____ No _____

Recent (less than five years old) relay/fuse coordination study exists, and relays are calibrated to the setting recommended. Yes _____ No _____

Power system is resistance grounded. Yes _____ No _____

Written switching orders are used. Yes _____ No _____

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