Charles LeGeyt Fortescue is our Electrical Engineering Hero for this feature. A remarkable man with over 185 patents on his name, including but not limited to areas such as Insulating-body for electrical apparatus, Transformer and winding,  Alternating current transformer, and System of distribution.

Charles Legeyt Fortescue
But he will best be remembered as the father of the symmetrical components in analysis of power system. Symmetrical components is the name given to a methodology,  which was discovered in 1913 by Charles Legeyt Fortescue  who later presented a paper on his findings entitled, “Method of  Symmetrical Co-ordinates Applied to the Solution of Polyphase  Networks.” 

With this tool in hand,  Fortescue demonstrated that any set of unbalanced  three-phase quantities could be expressed as the sum of three  symmetrical sets of balanced phasors. With this tool, unbalanced  system conditions, like those caused by common fault types may  be visualized and analyzed.  

Additionally, most microprocessorbased relays operate from symmetrical component quantities  and so the importance of a good understanding of this tool is  self-evident. 

Fortescue was born in York Factory, USA on 1876.

Truly one of the greatest electrical engineers in history, and his methods, patents and principles are still being used in practice nowadays.

Charles Legeyt Fortescue - A Real Electrical Engineering Hero.

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