The world's largest wind turbine to date, is Enercon E-126. As of the moment, its latest model is capable of generating up to 7.5 MW, of renewable power, generated through wind power. Its initial design was only good for 6 MW, but has improved over time, as it is now.

The E-126 has a height of approximately 134 m. Its rotor diameter reaches 127 m. Its rotor upwind type that is gearless, variable speed, single blade adjustment type, with active pitch control rotating at a clockwise direction.

A single unit has three blades with a sweep area of 12,668 m². It is made up GRP (epoxy resin); integrated lightning protection. Rotation speed is around variable, 5 – 11.7 rpm.

Currently, thirteen (13) of this are installed in Germany, while another eleven (11) is installed in Belgium. It would exciting and a worthwhile experience to see these engineering marvels in person. But while we are still making ways to make it a reality, we just content ourselves with this video of these turbines in action.

According to an article in Ordons News in Sweden, a wind farm is going to be constructed that will be able to produce up to 12 terawatt-hours of energy every year, which represents more than half of Sweden's target for onshore wind and 8 percent of Sweden's total power needs. Sweden's overall goal is to derive 50 percent of its energy from renewables by 2020. Majority of its turbines will be Enercon E-126.

For those who are interested on the specifications of this turbine, it can be found on enercon's website, or you may click here.

Now we know, that as of April 2011, the world's largest wind turbine is Enercon E-126.

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