Thermal imaging and the use of thermal imaging camera has grown considerably over the last decade. Among its application is as a tool in predictive maintenance of electrical facilities.

Thermal Imaging cameras are not your ordinary cameras. It is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for Predictive Maintenance. It can detect anomalies that are often invisible to the naked eye, thermographically allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures occur.
Its Corresponding Therma Cam Imaging
Visual of Distribution Line Terminal
Other industry uses thermal imaging cameras for their various applications. This article will focus on its application in the transmission and distribution system.

Thermal imaging cameras are commonly used for electrical inspection in the low voltage level. As electrical connections become loose there is a resistance to current that can cause an increase in the temperature.

This can then cause components to fail, resulting in unplanned outages and injuries. The efficiency of an electrical grid also becomes low prior to failure, thus energy is spent generating heat, causing unnecessary losses.
Substation Imaging
In the high voltage side, thermal imaging cameras are used to check power transformers and temperature if its cooling fins, and high voltage connections. Same is true with the circuit breakers, and switch gears.

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