Power factor is one of the most talked about topics in electrical engineering. There are lots to be known about power factor. There also lots of misinformation and wrong notion about it. This is a collection of links, and tutorials relating to power factor.

What is power factor?
Power factor is the ratio of true power or watts to apparent power or volt amps. They are identical only when current and voltage are in phase than the power factor is 1.0. The power in an ac circuit is very seldom equal to the direct product of the volts and amperes. In order to find the power of a single phase ac circuit the product of volts and amperes must be multiplied by the power factor.

Power Factor, Watt, Kilowatt, and VA
 There is a common confusion about the distinction between the watt and volt-amp (VA) measures for AC electric power, as well as about power factor. In this tutorial you will find an explanation of these terms, the usage of these quantities in specifying backup energy sources, and conversion formulas. POWER: WATT and VA RELATIONSHIP Read more...

Understanding Power Factor
IF YOU THINK THAT POWER FACTOR IS ONLY COS j, THINK AGAIN! The big majority of Electronics designers do not worry about Power Factor (P.F.) P.F. is something you learnt one day at school in your Electrotechnics course"as being cos j. This conventional definition is only valid when considering IDEAL Sinusoidal signals for both current and voltage waveforms. But the reality is something else, because most offline power supplies draw a non-sinusoidal current! Many off-line systems have a typical front-end section made by a rectification bridge and an input filter capacitor. Read more...

Power Factor Facts VS Fiction
Power factor is one of those subjects about which there seems to be a great deal of confusion and many misconceptions. The culprit is the the assertion that power factor = cos(Φ), Φ (Phi) being the phase shift between voltage and current. While this is true under certain ideal conditions, there are many real-world instances where it is quite incorrect. This article will give you a basic introduction into power factor, and explain why cos(Φ) is not the whole answer. Read more...

Billing Power Factor Charge Q & A
What is a power factor charge?
The power factor charge is an adjustment to the demand charge if the customer’s power factor is less than 0.97 or 97%. This fee is charged to large electricity users to recover the PUD costs for maintaining a good power factor on our distribution system. The PUD pays power factor charges to its largest electricity supplier, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) if the power it purchases from BPA is below 97% power factor. Read more...

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