Bestselling author Ron Krutz once again demonstrates his ability to make difficult security topics approachable with this first in-depth look at SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems, Krutz discusses the harsh reality that natural gas pipelines, nuclear plants, water systems, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities are vulnerable to a terrorist or disgruntled employee causing lethal accidents and millions of dollars of damage-and what can be done to prevent this from happening

Examines SCADA system threats and vulnerabilities, the emergence of protocol standards, and how security controls can be applied to ensure the safety and security of our national infrastructure assets

How to secure systems that weren't built for security
Worldwide, critical economic and governmental infrastructures have evolved into complex networks that facilitate communication, cost reduction, and efficiency. But the very features that create such benefits make these supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, systems a security nightmare.

In the first guidebook to specifically address this vital problem, a veteran systems security expert shows you how SCADA systems have developed and how to understand their components and architecture, recognize risks and vulnerabilities, and learn to use appropriate protocols and countermeasures to protect vital information from cyber-terrorism.

Learn how to make SCADA systems safe
Understand SCADA system architectures and components
Recognize breaches in security and what makes SCADA systems vulnerable
See how SCADA security is critical at every level, from a small town's water supply to natural gas pipelines, oil refineries, and nuclear power plants
Examine system architecture and understand how it contributes to security or vulnerability
Explore effective countermeasures and safeguards and see how to apply them in your organization
Understand why needed security measures are not being used in some operations
Analyze your situation and take appropriate steps


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