Power Transformer is one of the most important parts in the power system. It is relatively the most expensive power equipment there is.

Specifying a power transformer entails lot of research, hard-work, and knowledge. This blog post is a collection of readily available power transformer specifications around.

In reality though, you need to come up with a specification that would best suit your needs. These specifications therefore should only be used as guides or reference as you specify your own power transformers.

Power Transformers Specifications 1
We manufacture power transformer strictly as per ISS standards. These power transformers are available up to 5000 KVA in 11, 22 and 33 KV class. These are available under the following specifications which can however be customized as per the requirements of our clients. Read more...

PTI Power Transformers are designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements and specifications along with the applicable CSA, ANSI, NEMA, IEEE, IEC Standards. PTI prides itself in design flexibility which allows our products to be optimized to customer needs while continuing to meet the highest standards of quality and manufacturing techniques. Read more...

Toshiba Power Transformers
To cope with the increase in electrical power demand, power transformer capacity is growing larger and larger. In particular, the capacity of generator transformers for thermal and nuclear power stations have become very large. TOSHIBA manufactured a generator transformer of 200MVA in 1958, 430MVA in 1963, 680MVA in 1967, and 1100MVA in 1973. It broke the Japanese record for the largest capacity of all time.  Read more...

Oil-Immersed Power Transformer(500kv)
The oil-immersed transformer of 500kV has the distinguished features of low loss, low partial discharge, and good capability of anti-short circuit. The company has used advanced technology and analysis of magnetic field, thus optimized the structure of the products and enhanced the insulation level and safety. Read more...

Substation Transformers up to 69 kV
Prolec GE offers a complete line of liquid-filled distribution transformers that meet current applicable ANSI® / IEEE® standards. In addition to the already existing Substation Transformers product line Prolec GE now offers its brand new transformers, with high voltages from 34.5 kv to 69 kV and ranging from 5 MVA to 12 MVA (ONAN). Read more...

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