Fiber Optics Handbook: Fiber, Devices, and Systems for Optical Communications Free EBook Download Link

Fiber optics is the hottest topic in communications and this book from the world's leading experts clearly lays out all the details of optical communications engineering

* Essential technical guide and solutions kit for the super-fast, super-broad fiber systems and devices powering the fastest-growing communications infrastructure
* Methods for generating above peak performance
* Clear explanations and answers to tough challenges for WDM, DWDM, amplifiers, solitons, and other key technologies

With their proven ability to provide both enormous speed and capacity, fiber optic networks have become the hands-down technology favorite for capacity-intensive broadband access applications. Business Week estimates the current fiber-optic networking market at an incredible $16.1 billion. Understanding fiber optical communications engineering has become must know information for engineers, engineering managers, researchers, and students. This authoritative reference, culled from the pages of the OSA's renowned Handbook of Optics, offers the combined expertise of a team of international experts to give you the answers you need to ride the fiber optics wave to success.

Prepared under the auspices of the Optical Society of America, Fiber Optics Handbook includes detailed, expert coverage of every essential topic in what has become the hottest field in telecom:

* WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) and DWDM (Dense Wave Multiplexing)
* Optical Fiber Amplifiers
* Solitrons
* Fiber Optic Communications Links
* Tapered-Fiber Couplers, MUX, and deMUX
* Optical Time-Division Multiplexed Communications Networks
* Infrared Fibers
* Optical Fiber Sensors
* Fiber-Optic Communications Standards
* Sources, Modulators, and Detectors
* And much more.

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