In order to analyze the electric characteristics of the UHV double circuit transmission line system , a simulation model is built on the Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) based on the design parameters of the very first UHV double circuit transmission line system in China .To study and master the electric characteristics of the UHV double circuit transmission line system thoroughly special compare between the UHV double circuit transmission line system and the UHV single line system and the compare between the UHV and EHV double circuit transmission line system model are made .

It can be concluded the double circuit transmission line system has the following features: The ingredient of the  harmonics in the fault current and voltage are redundant .There are large DC components included in the fault current and the decaying process are very slow. The amplitude of the recovery voltage are quite high ,and the beat frequency are less visible compared to the EHV system. The capacitance current of the system are high before the compensation . The fault current with high resistance are much higher in the near side than in the far side.

The AC Ultra High Voltage pilot project has now successfully run into operation, which means that the voltage level and the electric power transmission ability in China is now going into a new high level. According to the planning of the State Grid of China Cooperation the first Ultra High Voltage system with double-circuit transmission lines on the same tower will be built in East China. Follow this, the research of the UHV system with double-circuit transmission lines will be push into deep degree. Based on the practical project, the modeling system are built on the Real Time Digital Simulator in the dynamic lab of China Electric Power
Research Institute . The characteristics of the modeling system are analyzed .Conclusions are drawn based on the dynamic simulation and test which can be used to the type selection of the protection relays in the  practical project. Read more

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