How to Conserve Energy and Save Money in the Process?

Energy Conservation is a paramount duty of everyone. We know how much estimated electrical energy is consumed by the world from my previous entry. It also directly related to how much resources utilized and how much waste is emitted to the environment. In short, everyone must act and think of energy conservation.

Whenever you save energy, you not only save money, you also reduce the demand for such fossil fuels as coal, oil, and natural gas. Less burning of fossil fuels also means lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary contributor to global warming, and other pollutants.
Energy conservation is based on a simple yet overlooked principle. That is, to eliminate or reduce unnecessary utilization of energy. Electric power savers, and using appliances that are efficient, and low power consuming could help you do it, but nothing compares to minimizing wastage and unnecessary consumption of power.

Companies and individuals use electricity to produce lots of unnecessary items, or simply they are just too lazy to be conscious about it. It we continue to act that way, a time may come that the supply of electricity will be scarce.We must start learning to use less electricity and to use it wisely today, to also help the users of in the future.

Energy conservation is a must for everyone. It is for the benefit of everyone. For our planet and even to your pocket.

Here are some tips on how to save energy, brought to us by various electric utility companies, support and advocacy groups.

Home appliances

Turn your refrigerator down. Refrigerators account for about 20% of Household electricity use. Use a thermometer to set your refrigerator temperature as close to 37 degrees and your freezer as close to 3 degrees as possible. Make sure that its energy saver switch is turned on. Also, check the gaskets around your refrigerator/freezer doors to make sure they are clean and sealed tightly. Read more...

Conserve With Your Washing Machine

Conserve electricity by always trying to use a full and balanced load to wash. Running the washer with only full and a well balanced load will save energy, save water and help you reduce your utility bills.

Since more than 90% of the energy your washer uses goes towards actually heating the water, you can conserve electricity and save money by using hot water only for heavily soiled laundry or if it is otherwise specified. Read more...

Cut Down Your Cooling Bill

Adjust your air conditioner thermostat to 75 degrees.
Use portable fans and ceiling fans to circulate air.
Open your windows early in the morning to let cool air in the shut them later in the day when the temperature begins to go up.
Close your blinds and curtains in the afternoon to cut back on the amount of sunlight that heats up your home.
Use microwaves or fix cold meals on hot days to keep your appliances from warming up your home. Read more...

Lighting and Daylighting

The quantity and quality of light around us determine how well we see, work, and play. Light affects our health, safety, morale, comfort, and productivity. In your home, you can save energy while still maintaining good light quantity and quality. Read more...

How A Product Earns An Energy Star

ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

The ENERGY STAR label was established to:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and
Make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort. Read more...

There you have it folks. If you have any suggestions to further cut down electric consumption, feel free to hit it through our comments section.

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