Grounding is one of the most important yet most misunderstood part of power engineering. In essence, grounding is important since it is involved in the protection of both lives and equipment during abnormal condition.

If your grounding system is properly designed and installed, then most likely it will have a reliable performance. Fast clearing of faults, made possible by good grounding, improves the overall safety and reliability of an electrical system. Therefore, substation reliability must be as "built-in" as possible because of the high available fault current levels present and unlikely occurrence of follow-up grounding inspections.

With these things in mind, I am going to share to you, some of important free e-books, tutorials, links and pdf related to substation grounding. Click on the links below:

Better Grounding Techniques

Fence Grounding Reference

Ground Fault Testing

Grounding Book

Other equally interesting and important grounding references:

Guide to substation grounding and bonding for mine power systems

Guide for Safety in Ac Substation Grounding-Standard 80-1986

Connectors for Electrical Construction and Maintenance: Distribution, Substation, Grounding - Aluminum and Copper Miniature Catalog

Analysis Techniques for Power Substations Grounding Systems (Design Methodology and Tests, Volume 1)

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