What is the World's Longest Submarine Power Cable

Submarine cable system is one of the most common engineering solutions when distributing power or information in areas that are bounded by bodies of water, wherein overhead system is no longer practical. (More info in here). But have you ever wonder what is the longest submarine power cable that is operating today?

That distinction belongs to the NorNed cable, going through and connecting the countries of Norway at Fed and the Netherlands at Eemshaven. It is 580 km long, but the submarine power cable that was ordered to be placed stretches around 750 km, according to this source.

The cable has the capacity to transmit 700 megawatt and is intended for the transmission of electricity between the two countries. The connection is a piece in the jigsaw to create one big European electricity market. The cable itself will contribute to security of supply both in Norway and the Netherlands.

Below are interesting Fact and figures related to the project:

The cable is connected to two ‘high voltage direct current’ (HVDC) converter stations in Eemshaven and Feda. These stations cover an area of two football pitches each. The total weight of the cable is 47,000 tonnes and the cable has been installed in eight sections. It took three years and four months to install the cable, and more than ten years of planning.

Cable length 580 kilometres
420 kilometres cable in shallow waters (up to 50 metres depth)
160 kilometres cable on a depth up to a maximum 410 metres
Total weight of the cable 47,000 tonnes
Maximum voltage on the cable + 450 kV (kilovolt) and –450 kV
Cable capacity 700 MW
24 permits in four countries
Total project costs 495 million EURO

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